Overview of Role
The President serves as the lead for the entire SIPAT Board and CCE community at large, as representative of parents on our campus and of our school at the district level.
  1. Conducts monthly SIPAT Board meetings
  2. Schedules meetings; notifies members (Board and school) of meetings
  3. Writes agenda/submits for publication in CCE News one week in advance of meeting (1/2 with VP)
  4. Submits list of SIPAT officers annually (by May 15) to Third District PTA to keep SIPAT “in good standing”
  5. Works with the Principal in scheduling SIPAT events and managing SIPAT/CCE issues and parent/teacher relations
  6. Assists in recruiting volunteers for coordinator positions
  7. Verifies with Treasurer submission of payment for membership and insurance premium to District/State/National PTA (by November 15)
  8. Serves as co-signatory for all outgoing funds with Treasurer within budget
  9. Monitors other Board and coordinator activities
  10. Acts as CCE SIPAT representative at Third District PTA, DJUSD and other meetings (e.g., Parent Leader Group (PLG), Superintendent Parent Advisory (SPAC)
  11. Attends some of the teacher/staff meetings (by direction of Principal)
  12. Creates and submits annual report of duties to Historian