Treasurer / Financial Secretary

Overview of Role
The Treasurer and Financial Secretary serve to maintain the budget for SIPAT-sponsored activities. These two positions can distribute the duties listed below either chronologically or by task, however works for them.
  1. Attends monthly SIPAT Board meetings
  2. Reports on budget at each SIPAT meeting
  3. Collects all checks from donations and deposit appropriately (involves periodically checking PO Box)  
  4. Obtains signatures for outgoing checks
  5. Distributes checks for budget items to appropriate recipients (bi-monthly)
  6. Keeps permanent records that track gross income, receipts and disbursements of the association
  7. Chairs the budget committee and prepare the budget for adoption (August/September)
  8. Keeps a permanent record of receipts and disbursements (currently on Quicken)
  9. Is responsible for completing and forwarding all necessary report forms required by the California State PTA for insurance and for filing all tax returns and other forms required by government agencies
  10. Remits portions of per capita dues through channels
  11. Writes checks to reimburse parents, teachers, etc. for events costs, special programs, etc. (New check cycle program - with requests in twice monthly and checks out five (5) days later)
  12. Renews PO Box between July 1 and 31
  13. Sends thank you notes for donations
  14. Keeps a record of all donations including name, check number and date. Attaches record to year-end audit.
  15. Creates and submits annual report of duties to Historian