Overview of Role
The VP - Fundraising serves to coordinate all fundraising activities at CCE.
  1. Attends monthly SIPAT Board meetings
  2. Oversees the annual donation program
  3. Writes and distributes fund drive letter and donation cards (August and September)
  4. Writes thank you notes (ongoing throughout the year)
  5. Sends reminders to families opting for installment payments (November and March)
  6. Collects checks, copies and forwards on to Treasurer (ongoing)
  7. Maintains donation database (ongoing)
  8. Monitors the following programs (with assistance as needed):
    • eScrip (Albertson’s Community Partners, Safeway and Nugget Scrip cards
    • Davis Food Co-op paper scrip
    • Boxtops
    • Restaurant events
  9. Organizes/facilitates additional fundraising efforts as approved by the Board
    • Communicates dates/times to school population via CCE News and flyers
  10. Submits CCE News announcements and web site postings regarding fundraising efforts/status
  11. Creates and submits annual report of duties to Historian