VP - Parent Education

Overview of Role
The VP–Parent Education assists with the preparation, promotion, and presentation of CCE Parent Education meetings focused on ongoing parent education.
  1. Attends monthly SIPAT Board meetings
  2. Works closely with VP–New Parent Integration to jointly support CCE parent education events
  3. Prepares for and conducts four of seven parent education events. Responsible for meetings focused on ongoing parent education: 1) First Grade Early Readers (Sept); 2) Transition to Intermediate Grades (Feb); 4) Transition to Junior High School (Feb/Mar); 4) Transition to First Grade (May)
  4. Partners with school administration on meeting preparation and presentation
  5. Works with VP–Communications to promote parent education meetings through CCE communication channels (web site, CCE News, flyers).
  6. Creates and submits annual report of duties to Historian