Lectura por nivel

mural of César Chávez reading to childrenLectura por nivel is a collection of leveled reading books that students begin to read in the fall of first grade and move through as they progress in their reading skills. The collection consists of early reading books for students who are learning how to decode words in Spanish using syllables.

Your participation as a parent in reading at home is very important. The teachers encourage you to listen as your child reads each book three to five times out loud, as repetition is helpful. The emphasis in first grade is on daily reading at home, with less focus on writing. The diario sheet for Lectura por nivel has a place to record the number of times each book is read and for a daily parent signature.


mural of César Chávez reading to childrenAll books in the Lectura por nivel collection have been evaluated by the reading specialists at César Chávez Elementary School who have assigned reading levels to them. The goal for the take-home reading in Círculo de lectura is that the books be at a comfortable level for each child; in fact, it is desireable for them to be slightly easy. We don't want to introduce new concepts at home, just to reinforce ones that the children have already learned. This way, they can focus on practicing reading and learning new vocabulary.

How are levels adjusted?

mural of César Chávez reading to childrenFirst and second grade students have their Círculo de lectura book levels adjusted by the classroom teacher after each grading period. This is after formal reading evaluations have taken place and parents have met with teachers during conference weeks. Children general move into the Lectura por placer collection after they have achieved the first grade benchmark for reading.

Sometimes a child will make big gains in reading ability on his/her own schedule. If you notice that your child is finding his/her Círculo level to be too easy or too hard, please let the classroom teacher know. You can work with your child's teacher to adjust the level or individualize the program. We have noticed that sometimes parents are excited by their child's learning and want to challenge them with higher levels of Círculo books. We encourage you to be patient as your child learns to read and acquires Spanish vocabulary.