Lectura por placer

tile planterLectura por placer, Reading for Pleasure, is a collection of books for children who have progressed beyond the Lectura por nivel collection in their reading and comprehension abilities. Generally, this collection is started in the second or third grades; students can read from it through the end of fourth grade.

As students advance through the levels of this collection, they may not want to read aloud with parents as much. However, it is still valuable to have your child read out loud with you regularly so you can assess how they are doing. Because the books are longer, you may find that your child needs to read books at this level over the course of a couple of days. Students reading Lectura por placer are expected to write about each book on the diario sheet, which still requires a parent's signature each day.


tile planterLectura por placer is less precisely leveled than Lectura por nivel, so you will likely notice that there is more variation within each level in terms of length, number of words, and difficulty of the books. Since children reading in this collection have demonstrated fundamental reading skills, it is considered less important that the books be precisely leveled. Instead, we hope that they will find books about a variety of topics that will interest them and help them grow their Spanish vocabulary.

Since the print is usually smaller in these books, select titles are available in large print for children with visual challenges. Please contact us if you wish to have access to the large print collection for your child.

What if my child is losing interest?

tile planterWe have noticed that children who are reading in Lectura por placer sometimes start to lose interest in reading books from the Circulo collection. One of the issues can be that, as children become more confident readers, it becomes more important to them to be able to select their own reading materials.

To spice things up, Círculo de lectura has an assortment of Spanish translations of popular Scholastic books (for example, Junie B. Jones and Magic Tree House) that reside in the gris level. Also, there is a level of comic books in Spanish. Both of these levels sometimes help renew interest for students who are unhappy with the book selection. Some classroom coordinators have come up with creative ways to help students select their own books. Please contact us if you wish to explore ways of individualizing book selection for your child.

Books that are either too easy or too difficult can also frustrate children in the Lectura por placer collection. If you wish to adjust the level of the books that your child is receiving, simply include a note for the classroom exchangers to modify the level up or down. Click here for an informative article "How to tell if your child is bringing home books at the right reading level" (pdf).