Climate Committee

About Climate Committee

As mandated by the Davis Joint Unified School District policy, the CCE Climate Committee has the following charge:

  • To assist the principal in assessing school climate
  • To identify and evaluate current school programs directed at improving climate
  • To propose develop and implement programs supporting the district's core value of respect among all
  • To further a better understanding of differences among students, parents and staff

The Climate Committee believes CCE to be a positive learning environment and strives to maintain and cultivate this environment through various programs and efforts. These efforts include a yearly climate survey of parents, staff and grade 3-6 students; and Kindergarten to first grade playground transition; parenting workshops on bullying and other climate issues; and support of other CCE efforts such as Playworks, Kelso's Choices, and a counselor position.

All interested parents and staff are welcome to attend Climate Committee and parent engagement meetings. For further information about school climate, please visit the DJUSD site, consult the links below, or contact the CCE Climate Committee Co-Chairpersons, Juliette Beck and Katheryn Russ.

Supporting our Children through Spanish Immersion

A CCE Parent Engagement Talk - January 25, 2018

Dr. Lina Mendez presented findings from her research conducted with DJUSD's support 10 years ago with English Language Learners, then facilitated a group discussion through which parents and teachers were able to share tips, ideas and suggestions—particularly for English-speaking parents—on how best to support their child/ren's Spanish Immersion education. Dr. Mendez is the Associate Director of the Center for Chicanx and Latinx Academic Student Success at UC Davis.

For the full list of tips, ideas and suggestions generated from this discussion, please link here.

School Counseling Program at CCE

The CCE school counselor has created a multi-layered support program for CCE students, tailored for each grade-level from kindergarten through sixth grade. The school counseling program consists of: (i) classroom guidance lessons for every class, (ii) small group counseling for emerging issues; and (iii) individual counseling for urgent issues.

For more information, read the PowerPoint presentation, "School Counseling: Myth or Fact?" - "Consejera de la Escuela: Mito o Realidad?" - presented on May 17, 2017 as part of the 2016-2017 Parent Engagement Talk series.

Resource Tools Used by the School Counselor
Anti-Bullying Resources

The Climate Committee has compiled valuable resources to help parents engage with their children about conflict, bullying, and being an upstander. For more infromation, please visit the CCE Climate Committee Anti-Bullying Resource Page.

Gender-Inclusive Parenting Resources

We all have a role to play in making our school community feel welcoming to all students and families. Gender is one aspect of identity that can often be stereotyped, but that is far more complex in reality. Books, media, toys, schools, families and communities all play a role in children’s ideas about gender. How do we as parents and caregivers affirm each child’s individuality – whether they seem to match or defy gendered stereotypes (or somewhere in between) – and create a school community where students feel comfortable expressing a wide range of emotions, interests, and behaviors which may or may not be typical for boys or girls?

The CCE Climate Committee's January 2015 Parent Engagement Meeting offered a thoughtful dialogue about children and gender as we identified strategies and resources for gender inclusive parenting and schools.  The meeting's facilitators, long-time social justice educators and Davis parents Kate Snow (DJUSD Climate Coordinator) and Laurie Stillman (Student Development Consultant), provided the following materials to help inform our community:  

Annual Reports
Climate Survey Reports
Additional Resources
  • DJUSD School Climate webpage
  • Workshop Notes from "The Girl Bully: Under the Radar and Under the Skin" presented by Dr. Jann Murray-García (April 24, 2012).
  • Presentation Slides from CCE school counselor Katherine Allgood's "Meet and Greet" presentation on January 17, 2013. 
  • Bullying Brochure from CCE school counselor Katherine Allgood's "Meet and Greet" presentation on January 17, 2013. 
  • Video (Part 1) from CCE school counselor Katherine Allgood's "Meet and Greet" presentation on January 17, 2013. In Part 1, Ms. Allgood discusses the Kelso's Choices program recently presented to grades K-3.

  • Video (Part 2) from CCE school counselor Katherine Allgood's "Meet and Greet" presentation on January 17, 2013. In Part 2, Ms. Allgood discusses the differences between bullying and conflict, strategies for parents to address bullying and conflict, and her work with grades 4-6.