School Information

César Chávez Elementary School

César Chávez Elementary is a K-6 site of Davis Joint Unified School District’s bilingual Spanish Immersion Program, which has existed since 1982. A separate K-6 strand of Two-Way Bilingual Immersion is housed at Marguerite Montgomery Elementary School.

1221 Anderson Road
Davis, CA. 95616
Phone: 530.757.5490
FAX: 530.757.5427

Principal/Directora: Veronica Dunn
Secretaries: Lynn Alvarez, Daniela Loyola

The school website ( is distinct from the SIPAT (PTA) website. It offers access to the school schedule, school rules and a list of staff email addresses.

Our program goals for all students are:

  • To develop a high level of proficiency in Spanish and English;
  • To gain skills and knowledge in the content areas of the curriculum in keeping with the District’s stated objective in these areas;
  • To develop positive attitudes toward other languages and cultures.

For native speakers of Spanish, the program functions to accomplish three academic goals:

  • To maintain and develop Spanish language proficiency;
  • To develop English proficiency through natural communicative interactions and comprehensible content instruction;
  • To develop literacy and academic proficiency in two languages.